I’m glad you’ve found you’re way here. Welcome!

Hello everyone.  In this site you will find information on the latest trends in technical communication industry and other interesting topics related to my professional experiences.  

To learn more about me, you can access my LinkedIn profile;


I would like to invite you to join my group on LinkedIn, Technical Writer In Action.  Created on December 8, 2010 Technical Writer in Action it’s a professional group created with the intention to unite Technical Writers, Documentation Specialist and other professionals to share their knowledge, seek business or jobs opportunities and promote Technical Writer profession and services to members of Linkedin.

Our group purpose does not only include Technical Writers around the world, but also is dedicated to continuous improvement of professionals at all levels and industries. Whether you are a Six Sigma, OSH, Financial Services, PMP, Human Resources professional or you are striving for operational excellence, then this group will provide helpful informative resources and excellent networking opportunities.

It is our highest intention that we create a community built on mutual respect, one that engenders meaningful relationships among its members. Please feel free to invite any person in your network to join us.

Member’s participation by posting messages, comments, jobs and promotions is encouraged and very welcome.


 Kind Regards,

Angel Candelario

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