Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well


Written by Angel Candelario

The title of this article  is a very motivational quote from John W. Gardner.  On some occasions we do not realize the importance on how we do ordinary things, and how they affect us in our work and our lives.

Is possible that some of you feel identified with the feeling of frustration that sometimes happens when we believe some ordinary tasks assigned to us are needless.

I know many successful individuals who attribute their career achievement to knowledge, hard work and sometimes luck. We must remember that out of small things proceeded from that which is great.

In the same way a newborn baby first learns to sit, crawl and balance before walking, all professionals in some point in his career had to start performing simple tasks until they can reach the level where they are today.

One thing I learned during my career is that no advantage is permanent. It is necessary to constantly get new and better skills that allow us to remain competitive in our respective industries.

Guess what? In order to learn and gain new skills, at some point in our lives, regardless of our level, we need to perform ordinary tasks to learn and develop ourselves.

I encourage you to do ordinary things extraordinarily well, so you never lack success in your life.

Angel Candelario

2 thoughts on “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

  1. I agree. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. I had a Canadian coworker who often said… “Slow down and speed-up.” In this busy face pace world of ours, it is very sound advice. Take the time to do things right the first time and to do it well. One other thing. In the military we used to say there is no unimportant job. “Excellence in all you do” is an Air Force core value and required to be successful.

  2. So true…success in any organization is a result of the organization doing all of its essential tasks as perfectly as possible as often as possible. The activities and tasks that we can come to take for granted are the very reason our customers/clients do business with us. We owe it to them to produce the highest possible quality…we owe it to ourselves as well, when you consider the cost of not doing it as well as possible. In my former role as a continuous improvement teacher/team facilitator, I had to divorce my students from the notion of creating some marvelous breakthrough. I told them that the bottom line of the organization would improve dramatically if we just stopped making mistakes. Breakthroughs are nice, but improving what the customer already expects–good product, high-quality, timely delivery–is really what “performance excellence” means.

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