Increasing Your Potential; an Act of Courage


Written by Angel Candelario

I’ve been thinking this for a while. As in life, we only have one opportunity to move through our professional careers. We all fail, make mistakes and end up with regrets. In other words, any professional career is hard. Actually, just to keep up to date in these days is sometimes an act of courage. I do worry about men and women that despite these facts, they are functioning far below the level of their potential. Ironically some of them seem to be having stopped learning or growing no matter how busy they look.

First and foremost; in order to being a good student of life you need to pay attention. The problem is that it is very difficult to see the whole picture, when your neck is deep in an endless routine. However, success depends greatly on details which may be tedious to improve. We all sometimes feel our work is trivial, especially after having been doing it proficiently for some time. This might be the chance to review and give more thoughts on where we are heading.

How we could avoid that?

Do not forget to improve your skills constantly. By doing ordinary things extraordinary well  you are not only becoming part of something big, but also become professionally ready to do something bigger and bigger. When you choose to do something do it with pride, do it with passion, because you are doing what you were meant to be, even if it was just for a while. Don’t be afraid to make decisions or try a new career path, step out in faith and make mistakes or fail, consequently this will keep you moving forward. Furthermore, you will feel satisfied and glad you are where you are, and the hurdles and obstacles were worth it. Increasing your potential it’s an act of courage.

You can help yourself by:

1. Identify your skills:

Everyone have been develop (or even born) with the skills necessary to be great at something. The secret lies in identifying those skills and make them work for you. Ask yourself; How I have been successful in executing this task? You can also benefit from feedback from your supervisor, colleagues and professionals dedicated to consulting to identify these skills.

Below you will find a very interesting link related to identify your skills.

2. Obtain New Skills:

Look for new skills that are needed and valued in your industry, now and in the future. You can ask your supervisor for help in getting the training that will benefit you and the company. If you do not get assistance from your supervisor, do not stop. There are many ways in which you can get the training you need on your own.  Please find below some interesting websites:

 How to Learn New Job Skills without Going Back to School

100 Free Online Tools to Learn a New Skill in Almost Anything

3. Volunteer in a special project that may help you to grow professionally:

Volunteer in a project offers both long and short-term opportunities to gain experience and by helping out to learn new skills.

 How we could help others?

This is when we should draw all the strength from each other. Accept each other for who they are, or for what they once were. Judgment can cause turmoil and despair amongst co-workers and departments.

 You may help others by:

1. Mentoring:

Mentoring others is an opportunity for a unique and valuable relationship that benefits everyone, employees, and yourself. Mentors provide experience and support to help employees to obtain a deeper understanding of how the company makes money, the reasons behind the business procedures, policies and the career path they chose.

2. Share your knowledge:

It is very likely that you have been exposed to training sessions that several of your colleagues did not have that same opportunity for several reasons. In my opinion there is no better way to strengthen a company than sharing your knowledge and experience with your peers. That way you’re not only save money to the company, but you will also gain the respect of your co-workers and you will open many opportunities of career development (and promotions).

In conclusion, increasing your potential is not only an act of courage; it’s also a lifesaver during difficult times. Remember, “If you can see the obstacles, you’ve taken your eyes off the goal”.

Angel Candelario

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