Writing Operating Procedures, The Completed Course, Available!


I apologize that I have not had any updates on my MadCap adventure. I will return to that shortly, and I do thank those of you who have chosen to follow or have “liked” Mr. Procedure.

But this is about the free offer I have made before in this space as well as in several groups on LinkedIn. Over the past four or so months, I have been offering my course called Writing Operating Procedures free to anyone who wrote. Those who originally replied received a course-in-preparation (it was about 3/4 complete). I have since completed the course, made it a course/book format (meaning it functions as a stand-alone book as well as for a text for in-person training), and cleaned up a lot of stuff I am embarrassed to have provided the first time. I have distributed slightly over 100 copies of the course, in .pdf format, and have…

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