The teams are the ones who win and the coaches are the ones who lose



Written by Angel Candelario

Michael Jordan once said; “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” A single person no matter how talented is, cannot take a whole department or company all the way to success. A talented professional may be able to dominate a single area, but he will need his team members just as much as they need him in order to be able to achieve their goals. On the other hand, a single person can lead to failure a department with his attitude and his non-existent action.

That is why my point of view have always been that there are not ineffective employees; there is only ineffective supervision and guidance (or ineffective monitoring).

Any supervisor must understand the role that have the operations of their department in the context of the activity of his team and consequently, plan the activities to fulfill this function.

A supervisor must be an expert on how to control his own behavior to ensure that the operations of its department, whatever its function, prove to be a rewarding experience for them (the team).

The attitude of a supervisor should be objective, constructive and positive:

1. Objective, because it must assess with objectivity what their employees are capable to do, what they are doing and what they really have done.

2. Constructive, because whatever happens, the supervisor should take advantage and learn from experiences, so his employees, individually and as a team, get a benefit that will contribute to their grow as professionals and human beings.

3. Positive, because without losing the objectivity, activities during the operations of the department is not the time to analyze and point out errors, but to highlight the positive behaviors of employees and encourage them to do things without fear of failure.

Many supervisors of young employees lose the proper perspective and the self-control needed when his employees make mistakes that are perfectly normal; and instead of focusing on the most important aspects which could be used, they stressed employees with useless comments that increase uncertainty and make a day at work, an unpleasant experience. What is crucial is not avoiding making mistakes, but that these are corrected and the task/goal is achieved no matter what.

As an effective supervisor, you need to help your employees to understand that; if the objectives are conceived and achieved as a team, the individual careers will highlight by themselves.

Also, we need to avoid that the people who generate 20 percent of the results, begin to believe that they deserve the eighty percent of the rewards.

There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going, be prepared is just half of the victory.

Angel Candelario

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