Writing Operating Procedures – Author Charles (Tim) James – Free Copy!

Author Tim James (Mr. Procedure)

Author Tim James (Mr. Procedure)

How is the job performed? How do we know it was performed properly? How do we train our workers to perform our essential tasks? What is the purpose to even develop Operating Procedures?

All of these questions are answered in Writing Operating Procedures, part of the Performance Management series of books from Mr. Procedure Productions.

Through 12 carefully-arranged sections, the book establishes a valid purpose for the existence of Operating Procedures, and how an Operating Procedure should be developed consistent with that purpose. Discussions include, “What Should My Procedures Contain?” and “How Should My Procedures Be Structured?” The book provides useful strategies to determine what Operating Procedures are necessary, and how to identify and collect the information and supporting visuals necessary to complete the procedure.

This book is designed to function as the workbook for a seminar-style course, but was written to stand alone as a source of information and inspiration for the development of your organization’s Operating Procedure program.

For a limited time, the author will distribute (free of charge) a copy of the book.  It is available to anyone who contact Tim James directly at mrprocedure@gmail.com.

Charles (Tim) James, who acquired the nickname “Mr. Procedure” in a previous career stop, has spent nearly 30 years in various aspects of process development. Most of this time was spent in the aerospace materials industry, which is very document-heavy and heavily audited.

His career roles have largely focused on process documentation, including procedure development to enable compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard. His dual role—writing procedures and performing training based on the procedures he wrote—provided a ground-level understanding of procedure function and how to structure procedures for learning success.

Tim had the good fortune to expand his role to training for a worldwide chemical organization, teaching and leading continuous improvement, Quality Management System development and audit performance, safety topics, particularly root cause analysis, and teaching supervisors how to supervise and trainers how to train. It was only a matter of time before he applied his knack for course development with his passion for Operating Procedure excellence.

More recently, Tim has worked in capital equipment manufacturing, writing technical manuals for multi-million dollar equipment sold to customers worldwide.

Tim is also the founder of Mr. Procedure Productions. Mr. Procedure Production boasts “Full Spectrum Performance Excellence Solutions.” Offerings include a wide variety of books on performance management and instructional communication topics, all of which can be tailored to in-company or public seminar presentation. 

To contact Tim, you may email him at mrprocedure@gmail.com, or contact him directly at (909) 660-9980.

3 thoughts on “Writing Operating Procedures – Author Charles (Tim) James – Free Copy!

  1. Hello Angel! You did a very good job with the post and making the book look like it is in print. I was pleased with the very sudden uptick in requests for the book. For those who wonder, the book/course is in .pdf form, so it will come to you about as quickly as you request it. Thank you very much for the plug. To the reader: I am very interested in feedback on the book. The feedback has been very positive so far, but any and all comments and suggestions from the technical writing community are welcome.

    Thanks again and best wishes to all who read–Tim James (Mr. Procedure)

  2. Thank you for your post Angel. I contacted Tim James “Mr. Procedure” and he sent me a copy to review. It’s a great book with a course-type format and even includes questions to check your understanding at the end of each chapter. It’s great to see another professional, like you, providing a great service to the tech writing community!

  3. Kevin, thank you for your kind words. The book was originally developed as a course for classroom presentation, so I strove to develop the book in a way that it can serve either purpose. Also, thanks to all Tech Writer News readers who contacted me for the free book, and for the nice comments I received personally. If you have not requested the book, please contact me, because on Feb. 15 the price for the book will double 🙂 .

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