Working with Developers


Many technical writers work in organizations where in their contributions are not understood. Their work is seen more as a luxury than a value-added to business. This develops a lack of respect which is shown in many ways:

  • Disinterest in sharing information for creating the documentation.
  • Disinterest in reviewing the documentation. But, do not to equate lack of time to lack of interest. They are two different issues altogether. Not getting to know, or see, or use the changes to the product until late in the development cycle. There should be a reasonably sufficient time between the code freeze and the final draft of documentation.
  • Writers are pressurized to produce a quality document without enough staff.

This scenario can be changed by educating the engineers/developers, improving the quality of documentation, reducing the support calls, and by improving the overall documentation process and practices.

Understand Them

It is very important to…

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