About Writer’s Knowledge

 “In a world were cursives writing are being dropped, texting is killing spelling, punctuation, and good language usage, the knowledge writer will…or should…thrive. “In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man (person) is king…”

Quoted from Interview with Vern Westgate; Technical Writer NASA Apollo Program, by Angel Candelario.


Vern Westgate
Apollo 1 Technical Writer

Vern Westgate born in Minnesota and grew up in Los Angeles.  At the age of 18 he joined the Air Force, a short time later; He was a Sentry Dog Handler on an isolated radio relay site somewhere in Korea.   

Vern worked on Guidance & Control systems, Navigation systems, and related systems on GAM-77 Hound Dog missiles, then the G&N system for early atomic subs, then similar systems on Minuteman Intercontinental missiles. Then North American Aviation’s Missile Division won the prime contract for Apollo.  He was transferred to Space Division (the renamed Missile Division) and joined the Tech Writing group.  Vern Westgate participated in the Apollo 1 program as a Technical Writer.


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