The Gratification of Networking – Getting Out of the Shadows

By Angel Candelario

netwoking 1

You always reported to work on time, do your job extremely well and even stay late in the office just to make sure that your work looks so great that everybody notice your outstanding performance. As a result, you figured out that if you worked hard and performed well, managers would notice.  Definitely they will notice, they noticed others and you blame the outcome due to lack of luck (among other things), except yourself.

Ironically, you do such good work on a regular basis that your direct manager may take you for granted. Probably, because of this, you’re not getting notice for your efforts. Incidentally, you need to take advantage of something that has no financial costs, but yet, will catapult your career to the next level; Networking.

Essentially, meet others and let people know who you are it’s an important ingredient in the complex success formula.  Networking builds confidence in others and establishes your brand. For instance, if you are interacting with others on a regular basis, you will feel comfortable speaking about yourself, your role, your job responsibilities, as well as your professional abilities.  Strangely enough, by interacting in company’s events, meetings and other special events, you will obtain better results to get noticed. They will remember you as an eloquent professional.

Remember, your image or perception of yourself and what you do is built based upon your experience in handling situations.  The perception of others about yourself is important because if they don’t know who you are, what you currently do and what you are able to do; then you can’t transmit them confidence enough of your ability to contribute effectively to the success of their goals. Perception is a motivator and thus plays a role in the confidence of executive and managerial staff and new opportunities.

The problem with networking is that many of us don’t know how and/or where to start. Easy, it involves your action to recognize opportunities and then identify, create and maintain relationships with key professionals.  Opportunity is tied at every networking relationship.

Please remember that even if you build a strong networking, you need to stay updated on your industry and develop special skills in order to be successful.

All things considered, networking enhances your interpersonal skills and provides an opportunity for career advancement.  The people in your network can put you in touch with other people in addition to other employment opportunities. In conclusion, when you have a strong network you will be involved in relationships that have mutual benefits.

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