THE PEETLES: Technical Writer

This publication will cause a lot of controversy, but I’m getting used. Flaming torches and pitchforks are optional. I found this song very funny, so I wanted to share it with you all.

This song was written by Pete Zolli for his spouse’s birthday… A theme song for her and her profession. His wife is a tech writer, and he is a musician, so he gave her this song/recording/video as a birthday present.

Click on the image to see the video.

The Peetles Technical Writer



Technical Writer, writer, writer


Dear Sir or Madam, you won’t read my book

it took me months to write; you won’t even look.

All you’ll ever look at is the online help,

but I’ll do my job, ‘cuz I trained to be a

technical writer, technical writer.


I wen’t to school to be a double “E”

but I couldn’t do the trigonometry,

so I looked around for something else to do,

and I found this job and I learned to be a

technical writer, technical writer.


Technical writer, writer, writer.


It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few,

and they wanna release it in a week or two.

The engineers won’t give the facts I need,

but we’ll ship it out, ‘cuz I’m only just a

technical writer, technical writer.


There’s a million changes here to document,

and a contract worker would be heaven sent,

but all the money goes to marketing.

I can’t take a break, ‘cuz I only am a

technical writer, writer , writer.

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