About Learning Technical Writing

“By three methods we may learn technical writing: First by education, which is noblest; second by methodology, which is easiest; and third by planting your butt in a chair and pecking out the damn document, which is the bitterest”



Andrew Plato
President / CEO of Anitian Enterprise Security

 Andrew Plato is the chief executive of Anitian and responsible for overseeing all operations. Mr. Plato is also responsible for architecting the services and solutions Anitian provides to customers. Mr. Plato also provides the philosophical direction of Anitian, focusing on practical, pragmatic security solutions that empower businesses to do more.

Mr. Plato brings over twenty years of experience in information systems and security to Anitian. Prior to working for Anitian, Mr. Plato was a database developer and technical writer for Microsoft. Mr. Plato is best known for his involvement developing the BlackICE intrusion prevention system at NetworkICE from 1997-2000.

Mr. Plato is recognized nationally as a thought leader and innovator in information security. He routinely serves as keynote speaker at trade shows, industry events and professional meetings. Mr. Plato is a prolific author of white-papers, articles and reports which emphasize rational and reasonable ways to respond to security threats and risks. Mr. Plato’s articles have appeared in Information Security magazine, TechTarget, CIO and others. Mr. Plato has been quoted as an industry expert on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, TechTarget, Channel Insider and many other media outlets.

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