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Technical Writer in Action it’s a professional group created in LinkedIn with the intention to unite Technical Writers, Documentation Specialist and other professionals to share their knowledge, seek business or jobs opportunities and promote Technical Writer profession and services to members of LinkedIn.

Our group purpose does not only include Technical Writers around the world, but also is dedicated to continuous improvement of professionals at all levels and industries. Whether you are a Six Sigma, OSH, Financial Services, PMP, Human Resources professional or you are striving for operational excellence, then this group will provide helpful informative resources and excellent networking opportunities.

It is our highest intention that we create a community built on mutual respect, one that engenders meaningful relationships among its members. Please feel free to invite any person in your network to join us.

Member’s participation by posting messages, comments, jobs and promotions is encouraged and very welcome.


1.       Steven Jong  – Chairman of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Certification Commission

I appreciate the work you’ve done to make Technical Writer in Action a vital forum for our community.                           

2.       Rohith Krishna Bhat – MBA Student

I have worked with Angel during my term project with Technical Writer In Action, and was impressed with his dedication to the group and his knack in keeping members engaged.

3.         Denise Lee – Edit Director at LexisNexis

This group is lively and fun, as well as informative.

4.          Michelle Brooks – Edit Policy Specialist

Angel, this is just a short note to say you are doing a great job moderating this group. You provide such interesting articles and interviews that I am not likely to see elsewhere which I have come to look forward to. Thank you!

 5.       Craig Stevenson – Technical Writer, Editor, College Professor

I had the pleasure of consulting with Angel as a fellow professional and have reviewed his work, which I consider to be well above standard. In addition to his skill as a technical writer, Angel has talent for project management. He is energetic, creative, and capable of spearheading innovative projects through resourceful networking.

 6.       Jack Hardy – Vice President, Global Procedure Services, LLC

Angel has done an excellent job with this group. He has always provided timely information at the appropriate level of detail. The interview we conducted was very professionally done and well managed.

 7.       GIANCARLO MICHELINI – Consulente Senior presso CVA S.R.L. Costruire Valore Aggiunto

Angel is definitely a great communicator, the work carried out in our group on Linkedin, you understand his professionalism, giving important information through its expertise, many years in the control and management in the financial sector to provide complete and accurate assessments, definitely ask him for advice for my operating any business in the U.S.

 8.       John Meléndez – Technical Writer / IT / Medical Devices / Pharma

Through Angel Candelario’s frequent contributions to the valuable LinkedIn group (Technical Writer In Action) and also through his periodic communications with me personally, I consider Angel a model communicator.

He is continuously informed about the technical communication trade, and when he doesn’t have an answer directly at his disposal, he knows where to get one. Angel facilitates communication among fellow tech writers, and in this respect he is an information hub and a valuable leader among our community.

Angel Candelario — highly recommended as a leader and role-model technical communicator.

 9.       Matthew Milsop – Technical Writer and Editor

Most online groups fall apart quickly and only have the most miniscule interest; NOT THE CASE in Angel’s Technical Writer in Action! Every day he drops topic after topic on stimulating topics, not just on the field of Technical Writing, but on society, culture, history, you name it. Well rounded and a good, natural leader; this online community is inspired by his work. Any company that hires him will have a true asset!

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